Thursday, October 30, 2008

NEW BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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No more posts will be put on here!! Please stop by and enjoy the beautiful new blog!!!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Big Changes Coming Soon...

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Thought I'd give people heads up. The blog is going to be heading for a MAJOR change, including a new web address, in about 2 weeks (I hope). I can't wait to get it up and running and hope you guys will all love it as much as I do. I am SO excited!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

10 on Tuesday

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1 - Soooooooooooooooo I had a FABULOUS weekend. I had an amazing opportunity to assist the SUPER talented Susan Stripling at a wedding in PA. It was SO much fun and I really can't wait to help her out again in the future. I learned SO so so much.

2 - Cameron's imagination is running wild anymore. He is absolutely convinced that Swiper from Dora is gonna take his stuff or come get him. He even dreams about it and in the middle of the night you can hear him say "No swiper no no!" I keep explaining that swiper isn't real, but that doesn't matter, he is still 100% convinced.

3 - Today was Pajama day at daycare. Cameron couldn't understand why I would take him to daycare with PJ's still on. He looked at me as if I had screws loose. It was very funny.

4 - Vocabulary has grown SO much. The sentences he is talking now are big. I went to pick him up yesterday from daycare and he ran to me and said "Oh Mommy! I so glad you found me! Oh my goodness!"

5 - I'm thinkin' of going to WPPI this year but trying to find good deals on hotels since that is the only thing that is killing me. Anyone have any good deals they want to let me in on lol?

6 - So I made chili on Sunday for dinner. Usually Cameron won't touch the stuff. So I did what every other mother does (I think lol), I bribed him...I told him that if he took a bite of rice and chili, I would give him a cookie...I'll be damned if the kid ate almost a WHOLE BOWL of the chili and than demanded the cookie :)

7 -

8 - So I just got a phone call from daycare. Cameron apparently just fell on his face and scraped up his forehead. No bumps/bruises, just lots of scrapes. Man oh man do I have a boy.

9 - Cameron gets to spend the night over mommom & poppop's this weekend...he has informed me that they have M&M's and he NEEDS them :)

10 - November 4th (Election Day) can't come quick enough. I am sick sick sick of all the phone calls, tv commercials, radio commercials and flyer's in my mailbox. I had 4...yes 4 phone calls in 2 hours last night about the elections all the way up to 8:45pm last night. I'm just ready for it to be OVER. O-V-E-R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

10 on Tuesday...

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Lets see if I can really do this haha.

1 - Like the new header? I just love watching those 2 walk together. Cameron gets this little manly strut. It cracks me up. It really makes me realize just how big Cameron is getting.

2 - We are having major issues with Cameron talking back. He gets this major attitude and talks to me like I am the 2 year old. While humorous, its frustrating. We keep trying to tell him to talk nice, and in turn, we get "No YOU talk nice! You no mean to me mommy!"

3 - Note to self...I MUST MUST MUST take pictures for my Christmas card this month. MUST. No excuses!!!!

4 - So last week Cameron had pimples. Weird huh? I wouldn't have thought anything about it...that is until he had like 5! There was NO way my kid was going through puberty yet :) THAN, the week before...the skin on his fingers was peeling. It was just totally weird. Mommy instincts told me to call the Dr. We took him in...I'll be damned if the kid had Impetigo AND Strep! Did you know peeling of the fingers and feet are signs of strep on children!? Who knew! We are now feeling 100% back to normal and have no signs of early puberty :)

5 - We love to sleep with our bath towel on...and wake up with the most amazing hair style as a result...see example below from 10pm one night last week...

6 - I have a SUPER exciting weekend ahead of me...I will totally blog about it after it happens. It is sooooooooooooooo exciting to me...I don't know how many people will think it's cool...but for the photographer on me...It's just amazing.

7 - Congratulations Ernie and Stephanie (Sister's best friend's) on their new little baby boy. I can't wait to meet him and get lots and lots of pictures :) SOOOOOOOOOOO can't wait to see him :)

8 -I am already running out of things to talk about...

9 - I am in need of more kiddos to fill my portfolio up...Check out my website and let me know...Pass it on...Help me out :)

10 - Okay...last one....Cameron was eating dinner the other night (spaghetti and meatballs). They were home made meatballs and sauce (sauce thanks to Ger's wonderful family's recipe) and Cameron, of course, gets SO excited to eat dinner, because we all know NOONOO's are Cam's FAVORITE. We are all sitting at the table, Cameron takes a bite, and I get a nice "Mommy...dis is dee-wish-usss mmmMMMmmm". Wow...he really made me feel like a good cook haha...because I am FAR from that haha.

Monday, October 06, 2008

At the playground...

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Oh the squeals of excitement. Cameron LOVES to go to the playground. Added benefit is that it absolutely wipes him out since the kid has SO much energy. We took Cameron to the playground a few times this week. We are starting to get more bold too...we now go down the sliding board on our belly!!!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Rock Band Cam...

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We LOOOOOOOVE to sing, and dance, and play piano :) Cameron LOOOOOOVES to play Rock Band on PS3 with Ger too. He actually sat for close to an hour playing this game with Ger. They both had their own microphone, and Cam sang along. It was the cutest thing ever.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

6 on Tuesday

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1 - The other day, Gerry, Cameron and I were driving home from the store. I kept telling Ger that I wanted Cameron to be a Disney character, like Buzz Light Year, since we now like Toy Story, but since I have picked the last 2 years, Ger picked Batman. So Ger asked Cameron what he wanted to be for Halloween....Cameron's response...."SUPER BUNNY!"

2 - Conversation with Cameron the other day at nap time...

Cameron: GASP!
Mommy: What!? What's wrong
Cameron: Deres a booby trwap...
Mommy: A what?
Cameron: A booby trwap...
Mommy: Where?
Cameron: Dere wreally careful...

I felt like I was talking to the kid from the goonies movie...

3 - Happy Belated Anniversary to Gerry's parents, My parents, & My sister...Tons of Love to you guys!

4 - Can I just say how happy I am that fall TV is back...I really missed my's almost as if my life is complete again haha :)

5 - I am proud to say that I have made my first full chicken this past weekend. A little stressful, but all in all, it turned out wonderful, no one died, much easier than I originally thought, and will definitely be doing it again :)

6 - I had to show Cameron's dinosaur/dragon toy who is boss. Cameron was very convinced that it was going to get him. So I firmly told him to be nice to Cameron and than tickled his plastic feet...Cameron got a kick out of it...I think it helped :)

okay so I know I usually do 10...but I have honestly ran out of things to talk about right now. 6 is better than nothing right? Stay tuned this week for a pic of Cam and Ger playing Rock Band :)